Depok City

The majority of Universitas Indonesia area is located in Depok, West Java where it is also a part of The Greater Jabodetabek including the capital of Jakarta. The city is still increasing and developing with its eyes set firmly on future, positive and forward-thinking, generous and optimistic. Depok, the once autonomous town located immediately to the south of Jakarta, has a long and colorful history. Once home to Dutch traders and missionaries, today the city is in the throes of rapid development. Thriving trade and commerce, as well as a jump in the number of service-sector industries such as restaurants, malls, and factories, makes Depok an important and bustling suburban area. As a youthful, energetic and cosmopolitan city, Depok established an influential foothold in the international community through Universitas Indonesia and lead the way in education. In spite of better known as the religious city, Depok also offers better opportunity for living, for commuters who work in the capital within its shorter time and better transportation than other greater area.
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The Venue
Universitas Indonesia is a modern, comprehensive, open, multicultural, and humanist university that covers various discipline and background. The university is simultaneous to thrive becoming one of the leading university on research and academic. The conference will take place at the Universitas Indonesia Convention Hall (Balai Sidang Universitas Indonesia) and Integrated Faculty of Heath Sciences Building. The convention hall has been known for big ceremonies and seminars where it can accommodate up to 400 people. The Integrate.

Balai Sidang UI