Call for Abstract

The following is a list of Symposium Topics for The 16th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium 2021. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations can be submitted for both sessions. Please submit an abstract for the session that you think best fits one of the following:

Sub topics:

  1. Engineering and Infrastructures in Disaster
  2. Na-Tech (Natural-Technological Hazards)
  3. Pandemics and Public Health Issues
  4. Disaster Mitigation: Policies, Practices and Alternatives
  5. Emergency and Crisis Management
  6. Business Continuity Management and Disaster Insurance
  7. Social Science Perspective in Disaster
  8. Statistical and Modelling Tools for Disaster Management
  9. Community Empowerment for DRR
  10. Media and communication

To present a Technical paper

A 300 words abstract (due by 20 August 2021) is to be submitted by those who wish to make a presentation in the conference. Based on these submissions we will decide as whether you will be giving oral or poster presentation. Authors will be notified of the results on 31 August 2021

Submit your Abstract Form in Register menu using this APRUMulti-Hazard2021_abstract-template