Oral & Poster Guidelines

Oral Presentation

Speakers will be given 15 minutes to present the paper, including questions and discussion. Presenters are requested not to exceed the allotted time slot.  It is advised that presenters prepare handouts in advance (if necessary) for the audience. Unfortunately, the venue is unable to provide printing or photocopying facilities at the conference.

We recommend that you submit your presentation slides to our system https://drrc.ui.ac.id/acsel/index.php/register/ five days prior to the event to give us ample time to save your  presentations to our computer. It will also provide us the opportunity to test your presentation with the equipment that we will be using on the day. The ACSEL Committee accepts Power Point Presentation (ppt or pptx) as general presentation format.

Poster Presentation

Participant have to print the poster in AO size (approximately 90 cm * 120 cm) and send the soft copy (pdf format) to our system https://drrc.ui.ac.id/acsel/index.php/register/ before 1st November 2023. Furthermore, please bring the poster by yourself and bring over to the conference, we are not able to print it in the venue.

Please include the ACSEL logo (Download Here) on the upper left of the poster. Abstract title, author name(s), and the institution can be placed in large letters at the top-center o the poster. You may put your contact information on the upper right-hand corner of your poster (optional).

Key features to include in the poster:

    • Clear, concise overview of the research paper
    • Brief literature review (optional)
    • Key facts, analysis and arguments relating to the research question
    • Author’s conclusion and points of discussion
    • Appropriate acknowledgment and references

During Conference:

    • Board space, double-sided tape and push pins to mount the posters will be provided at the conference venue.
    • Posters will remain on display for the whole duration of the conference.
    • Presenters must be available to answer questions and discuss your findings with conference participants or interested delegates.
    • Please take your poster down at the end of the poster session. If you left your poster, the organizing committee will remove and recycle your poster.